As an innovative web platform, we understand the critical needs of schools today. Our comprehensive solution is designed to address each of these requirements, ensuring seamless functionality and unmatched support:

Koolay provides continuous updates to the platform at no additional cost, ensuring you always have the latest and most effective tools at your disposal.

Koolay offers dedicated client support. Our technical support team is always ready to answer your questions and resolve any issues you may have.

Create a mobile app that carries your school's brand with Koolay. This allows you to stay connected with students and parents through a customized mobile experience.

Koolay offers effective pop-up notifications on your website. Share important announcements and news instantly with your audience.

Koolay provides a searchable staff directory, making it easy for students, parents, and staff members to quickly find and contact one another.

Send mass messages easily with Koolay. Reach large audiences quickly and effectively via both email and SMS.

Koolay helps you showcase the best aspects of your school with onsite photo shoots and drone footage.

Create easily customizable forms with Koolay's dynamic form builder. These forms can be tailored to meet a variety of needs.

Koolay allows you to create email lists, enabling you to regularly send informative content to your target audience.

Stay in constant communication with your school community by preparing community newsletters with Koolay.

Managing donations is now much easier with Koolay. Our platform provides powerful tools for tracking and managing donations.

Koolay helps you plan and manage fundraising campaigns. Use a variety of tools to increase the success of your campaigns.

Easily manage your events and calendar with Koolay. Ensure your events are organized and accessible.

Koolay offers image editing tools, allowing you to easily edit and optimize images for your website.

For advanced users, Koolay includes an integrated code editor. This allows for custom coding on your site.

Koolay's user-friendly content editor allows you to easily create website content without any technical knowledge.

School Districts, Multi-Campus Universities,
Private Schools, International Schools,
and Educational Franchises

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User-Friendly Interface
With an intuitive and easily navigable design, your students, parents, and staff can swiftly find the information they need, creating a smooth online experience for all.
Robust Security Features
Your school's data security is our top priority. Our platform employs state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to safeguard sensitive information, keeping student and school data secure.
Instant and Unlimited Support
Our dedicated support team is available round the clock to provide technical assistance, guide you through updates, and resolve any challenges swiftly to minimize downtime.
Mobile Responsiveness
In today's mobile-driven world, our platform adapts perfectly to any device, ensuring your web presence is consistently optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop users.
Dynamic Content Management
Keep parents and students informed with up-to-the-minute calendars, announcements, and more, all easily managed through our powerful content management system (CMS).
Learning Tool Integration
Seamlessly integrate learning management systems (LMS) to streamline access to class materials, assignments, and progress tracking directly through your school's website.
Interactive Elements
Engage prospective students and families with virtual tours, interactive maps, and multimedia content that bring your school’s story to life.
Social Media Integration
Amplify your school's achievements and events by sharing directly across social media platforms, maximizing your community reach.
Accessibility Standards
Our platform adheres to legal accessibility standards to ensure every member of your school community can easily navigate your website.
Multi-Language Support
Reach a diverse audience by providing your web content in multiple languages, promoting inclusivity and effective communication.
Centralized Multi-Site Management
Our platform allows districts and school groups to efficiently manage multiple school websites from one central hub. Maintain consistency, apply global updates, and share resources across sites seamlessly.

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Content Management Platform and Website Design solutions for Schools
All Affordable, Seo-Friendly, Mobile-Responsive, With Chatbot and ADA Support

Turnkey Core Features

  • Easy Use
  • Koolay Console Dashboard
  • SSL Certificate
  • Azure Cloud
  • Automatic Updates
  • Instant Site Backups
  • Lifetime Support
  • Training and Help Center
  • SEO Friendly
  • Plausible Stats
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Web App Scalability
  • Content Versioning
  • Multi-user Management
  • Unlimited Content
  • Content Comments
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Marquee Pop-Ups
  • AI Content Assistant
  • AI Image Assistant
  • Several AI Modules
  • And More