AI-Powered All in One CMS Platform

Take a step forward and meet our All in One CMS platform that revolutionizes website management, powered by the strength of artificial intelligence. Koolay offers an advanced AI-powered content management platform that enables you to streamline your content creation process, improve collaboration, and optimize content performance through data-driven insights.

Whether you're a business owner, a designer, or a developer, we'll make things easier, faster, and more efficient for you. Our platform saves time, enhances productivity, and helps businesses achieve their marketing goals more effectively.

Liquid: Standardized Template

Effortlessly manage front-end design with industry-standard Liquid syntax.

User-Friendly Design Updates

Swiftly update and customize your website with our easy-to-use templates.

Easy to Use

Manage your site effortlessly with our intuitive, no-code platform.

Robust Architecture

Experience high performance and scalability, designed for all business sizes.


Grow your business effortlessly with our scalable CMS.

Advanced Security

Protect your data with top-notch security measures.

Take your place at the forefront of the digital world with the AI-Powered All in One CMS. Experience a new and impressive way to manage your own website. Request a demo today and discover the power of artificial intelligence with Koolay!

Features of the Platform:

Advanced AI Features

Optimize content and images with AI for superior presentation.

Instant Design

Transform templates with AI for seamless and stunning designs.

Multi-Site Management

Manage all your websites from a single, unified platform.

Multi-Language Support

Create content in multiple languages to reach a global audience.

Multi-User Support

Collaborate easily with role-based permissions.

Content Approval

Ensure quality with our built-in content approval system.

Scheduled Publishing

Publish content at the perfect time with our scheduling feature.

Content History

Track changes and revert to previous versions effortlessly.

Unlimited Content

Manage limitless content to meet your growing needs.

Code Editor

Customize your site with ease using Liquid Template syntax.

Activity Logs

Keep track of every change with detailed logs for security and insights.

Ready-to-Use Modules

Access all necessary modules seamlessly integrated for smooth operations.

Technologies Behind Koolay

Hosted on Azure Cloud

Reliability and performance are at the core, with Koolay hosted on a robust Azure infrastructure.

Powered by Azure CDN

Global content and image delivery are optimized via Azure CDN, ensuring a fast and seamless user experience worldwide.

GEN AI and LLM Innovations

Utilizes a blend of proprietary and OpenAI models to provide advanced AI services, enriching the platform's capabilities.

Secured by Cloudflare

With web security powered by Cloudflare, Koolay prioritizes the protection of your data and customer interactions.

Liquid Engine Template

Embraces the Liquid template engine for intuitive and flexible design management, setting a new standard in front-end customization.

Explore the Next-Gen CMS with Koolay

Navigate the digital landscape with unmatched precision and capability. Koolay AI Powered All-in-One CMS brings together innovation, user-friendly features, and top-tier security. Request a demo today and witness the future of content management!


Delivery Methods

Our product is primarily offered as subscription-based plans but is also available as an optional downloadable software for content management and delivery.