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Koolay: The AI-Powered All-in-One CMS Platform

Koolay stands at the forefront of digital innovation, offering an AI-powered All-in-One CMS Platform that redefines the landscape of website management. This platform integrates advanced artificial intelligence to streamline the content creation process, foster collaboration, and enhance content performance with actionable insights. Whether you're steering a business, crafting designs, or developing solutions, Koolay is engineered to simplify, accelerate, and optimize your digital operations. Embrace efficiency, boost productivity, and achieve your marketing objectives with Koolay.

Key Features of the Koolay Platform

  • Advanced AI Capabilities: Leverage artificial intelligence for content and image optimization, ensuring your digital presence is both impactful and engaging.
  • AI-Based Instant Design: Instantly elevate your website's design with AI-driven transformations, making it easy to realize your vision with precision and creativity.
  • Comprehensive Multi-Site and Multi-Language Support: Manage and harmonize multiple websites and languages effortlessly from a single, centralized platform.
  • Collaborative Multi-User Environment: Enhance team productivity with a platform that supports multiple users working together seamlessly, complete with role assignments and permission controls.
  • Robust Content Management Tools: Benefit from built-in approval workflows, scheduling capabilities, and content history features to streamline your content strategy and execution.
  • Limitless Content Management: Grow without constraints, thanks to a platform designed to accommodate an unlimited volume of content as your needs expand.
  • Exclusive Koolay Code Editor: Access and modify your site's front-end codes directly, using Liquid Template syntax for ultimate customization flexibility.
  • Detailed Activity Logging: Gain insights and ensure security with comprehensive logging of all site activities, accessible anytime for review or audit.
  • Ready-to-Use Modules: Jumpstart your site development with pre-integrated modules, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation across your digital ecosystem.

Technologies Behind Koolay

  • Hosted on Azure Infrastructure: Reliability and performance are at the core, with Koolay hosted on a robust Azure infrastructure.
  • Powered by Azure CDN: Global content and image delivery are optimized via Azure CDN, ensuring a fast and seamless user experience worldwide.
  • GEN AI and LLM Innovations: Utilizes a blend of proprietary and OpenAI models to provide advanced AI services, enriching the platform's capabilities.
  • Secured by Cloudflare: With web security powered by Cloudflare, Koolay prioritizes the protection of your data and customer interactions.
  • Liquid Engine Template: Embraces the Liquid template engine for intuitive and flexible design management, setting a new standard in front-end customization.


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