Brand Usage

This brand guideline has been prepared to ensure the standardization of the Koolay brand name and logo across all platforms and different partner channels.

Koolay is the exclusive owner of the following Koolay logos that are to be used in the US and other countries. The absence or a new addition of a Koolay trademark logo on this list shall not be viewed as a waiver of any of Koolay’s rights in such trademark or logo. Koolay retains the right, in its sole discretion, to add additional marks to or remove marks from this list at any time.



Company Name Use:

The "Koolay" name doubles as our business name in addition to being a trademark for our goods and services. When referring to the business by its name, "Koolay" can be used as a noun without the ® symbol. An appropriate use would be the phrase "Koolay unveiled a new line of prouct.

Logo Colour:

In the document below, you will find the correct way of adjusting the color of the Koolay logo and submark logo on different backgrounds.

Submark Logo Placement:

Koolay submark logo may be used as a separate entity. If it is to be used with the original logo, the submark logo should be placed either on the left side or above the Koolay text.

Trademark ® Is Not To Be Altered:

Without Koolay’s explicit consent, you are not allowed to change or modify any of its trademarks or logos.

Logo Structure

Logo Alternatives

Logo - Blue

The blue color symbolizes strength and trust, representing the durability of our brand. With a modern and fresh look, this color defines Koolay and enhances brand recognition.

Logo White on Blue

Combining the purity of white with the calmness of blue adds an elegant touch to our brand. Ideal for those seeking professionalism and reliability.

Logo White on Black

The elegance of black and the sophistication of white highlight Koolay's quality and innovative nature. This combination stands out in any setting, reflecting the prestige of our brand.

Logo Black

With a minimalist and simple approach, black symbolizes the timeless and strong stance of our brand. It creates a noticeable and memorable impact in every context.

Logo Usage Guidelines

Our logo represents the essence of our brand. To maintain its integrity and visibility, please follow these simple guidelines:

Respect the Logo’s Integrity

Avoid altering the logo’s proportions, colors, or orientation. Use the official versions provided.

Maintain Visibility

Ensure the logo is clearly visible against any background. Use designated color variations for different backgrounds.

Clear Space Requirements

Keep the logo uncluttered by maintaining adequate clear space around it, ensuring it stands out prominently.

Size Appropriately

Never reduce the logo to a size where its details become indiscernible.

By adhering to these guidelines, you help preserve the strength and consistency of our brand identity across all mediums.