File Manager

Using the File Manager 

  1. After logging into the CMS, click on the "Tools" link and select the “File Manager” link.


  1. The File Manager allows you to access and select images from all modules quickly and manage them under the "Tools" module. 

  1. It features a robust and flexible structure for uploading new files, renaming them, and moving them to different folders. 

  1. Use the "AI" button within the File Manager menu to generate images based on AI prompts. Save and use these images as needed. 

  1. Add new folders to your directory by clicking the ‘Add’ button. 

  1. Change the language settings of the File Manager using the editor options. 


Accessing AI Prompt From the File Manager

  1. In the File Manager menu, you will find an additional button named "AI." 

  1. By clicking on this button, you can generate images by providing an AI prompt. 

  1. If you like the image generated, you can select it and save it to the File Manager. 

  1. Once saved, you can use the generated image anywhere you want.