Instant Design with just only Prompts

Experience a revolutionary innovation in web design! AI Based Instant Design saves you time on your web projects without compromising on aesthetics and functionality. Quickly customize your selected template with simple AI prompts and create the design of your dreams in an unbelievably short amount of time. Moreover, this design instantly integrates with the Koolay content management software, allowing you to seamlessly upload and manage your content.

Our ever-evolving AI, always following trends, not only offers you up-to-date and modern designs but also ensures the most optimal viewing experience based on the density of your content and your style. Capture the perfect harmony between web design and content management, and make a remarkable impression in the digital world. Push the boundaries with AI Based Instant Design and unleash your imagination!"

Advantages of AI Based Instant Design:

  • Quick Design Creation: Your time is precious. With our AI-backed approach, we reduce design processes that take hours into just minutes. Create your dream design with a few simple instructions.

  • Personalized Customization: We understand that every brand and individual is unique. Our AI produces designs that are tailored to your and your brand's distinct style.

  • Adaptive Design: Ensure the most optimal and aesthetic website experience at all times, adapting automatically based on your content's density and type.

  • Seamless Koolay Integration: Once your design is complete, instantly integrate it with the Koolay content management software. Easily upload and manage your content.

  • Current and Modern Designs: Keep pace with the speed of the digital world. Our AI consistently follows evolving web design trends, ensuring you're always up-to-date.

  • Learning and Improvement: Our AI-enhanced design continually learns and evolves from user feedback. As a result, every project is better and more harmonious than the last.

Challenge the limits of web design with AI Based Instant Design, and establish an innovative and impactful digital presence.

Developed by experienced AI engineers in Silicon Valley and trained with our own LLM model, the AI Based Instant Design product will be available for your service very soon.