Join Our Partner Ecosystem

Become a part of Koolay, a leading Content Management Platform, and unlock new revenue streams while empowering your business and our community. We are excited to invite partners to collaborate with us through three distinct partnership types: Reseller Partner, Design & Implementation Partner, and Technology Partner.

1. Reseller Partner

As a Reseller Partner, your primary focus will be on sales. You'll have the opportunity to sell our cutting-edge solutions to a wide array of clients. Working on a quota or commitment basis depending on the agreement, you'll grow with us through competitive sales incentives and support. This partnership is ideal for those with a strong sales network and a passion for driving new business.

2. Design & Implementation Partner

For those skilled in crafting unique user experiences, our Design & Implementation Partner program is the perfect match. Manage and customize single-site or multi-site platforms for various clients using liquid syntax, CSS, and JavaScript. This role not only allows for direct income through design and implementation projects but also offers ongoing revenue for every client you onboard, for as long as they remain with the platform. Enhance your portfolio and revenue by delivering bespoke solutions that stand out.

3. Technology Partner

As a Technology Partner, collaborate with us to integrate your technological solutions or services with Koolay, creating a more robust and comprehensive offering for our users. This partnership is suited for businesses that provide complementary technologies or platforms looking to expand their reach and functionality. By integrating your technology with ours, you'll open new markets and revenue opportunities, benefiting from increased visibility and collaboration. Together, we'll drive innovation and deliver superior value to our customers.

Why Partner with Koolay?

  • Revenue Growth: Our partnership models are designed to ensure ongoing revenue opportunities through sales, implementations, and technology integrations.
  • Market Expansion: Leverage our platform to expand your market reach and access new customer segments.
  • Innovation Collaboration: Work alongside our team to drive innovation, creating solutions that lead the market and meet evolving customer needs.

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Visit Koolay Partner Form to learn more and apply to become a partner. Let’s grow together, creating lasting impacts and unlocking new possibilities.