Members Module

Accessing the Member Module 

  1. Log into the Koolay Console with your credentials. 

  1. Click on the “Members” link on the left side of your toolbar. 

  1. Navigate to the Member section for managing and editing members. 

Viewing the Member List 

  1. Access the system and locate the left-side toolbar. 

  1. Click on the “Members” link and select the “Member List” option. 

  1. Review the list of members available within the system. 

Editing a Member 

  1. Log into the Koolay Console and locate the toolbar on the left side. 

  1. Click on the “Members” link, then on the “Member List” option. 

  1. Select the member you wish to edit. 

  1. Modify necessary details such as site selection, company name, email address, or other relevant information. 

  1. Save the updates by clicking the “Save” button. 

Adding a New Member 

  1. Log into the CMS and locate the toolbar on the left side. 

  1. Under the “Members” section, select “New Member” from either the “Member Listoption or directly via the “New Member” link. 

  1. Fill out required fields including site selection, first name, last name, email address, and other relevant information. 

  1. Additional tabs are available that include optional sections such as address, communications, and member groups. Please click on these tabs and complete the fields that are relevant to you.
  2. Confirm the details and save the new member profile by selecting the “Save” option. 

Deleting a Member 

  1. Click on the “Members” and then on the “Member List” link.

  2. Select the member(s) you wish to delete.

  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking the “Delete” button at the bottom of the member lists and selecting “Yes”. 

Managing Member Groups 

  1. Viewing Member Groups: Access “Member Group List” from the “Members” link to see all groups. 

  1. Deleting a Member Group: Identify the group to delete, click the “Delete” button, and confirm by selecting “Yes”. 

  1. Adding a New Member Group: Select “New Member Group” from the “Members” section, fill out the group name and description, and click the “Add” button to save. 

Using the Communicator Tool 

  1. Click on the “Members” link and select “Communicator”.

  2. Choose either SMS or Email, specify your message, and send it by clicking the "Send" button. 

 Members Group

  1. Login to the Koolay Console with your credentials. 

  1. Access the left-side toolbar. 

  1. Select “New Member” from the “Members” link options. 

  1. You have multiple ways to acquire members on your site: 

    1. Through the Email-List module. 

    2. Manually entering new member registrations. 
  1. Email List groups come from the "Members" module. 

  1. To define "member groups" for each member: 

    1. Go to the "Members" menu. 

    2. Define the groups under the "Member Groups" section. 



  1. Login to the Koolay Console with your credentials. 

  1. Access the left-side toolbar. 

  1. Select “Communicator” from the “Members” link options. 

  1. Schools can update: 

    1. Their students. 

    2. Their parents.
    3. Other members. 
  1. Companies can update: 

    1. Customer information. 

    2. Contact/address details. 
  1. You can quickly send bulk communications to relevant members: 

    1. Use the "Communicator" submenu. 

    2. Send bulk emails or SMS/text messages.