Web Design Services

Shape Your Digital Presence

At Koolay, we understand that a well-crafted website is your brand's digital ambassador. We create modern designs tailored to your needs, delivering your message effectively, engaging your target audience, and utilizing the latest design technologies for an innovative experience. Our designs not only stand out with their uniqueness but also reflect you perfectly, thanks to our blend of technology and creativity.

Modern and Custom-Tailored

Our team of skilled designers crafts contemporary designs based on your unique requirements. We ensure that your website is not just a platform but a reflection of your brand's identity and values.

Effective Communication

We design with your message in mind, creating a cohesive visual narrative that communicates your brand’s story effectively. Every design element is purposefully chosen to resonate with your target audience and reinforce your brand's message.

High Interaction with the Target Audience

Our design strategies prioritize engagement, creating an interactive user experience that encourages audience participation, fosters relationships, and drives conversions.

Latest Design Technologies

We leverage the most recent design technologies to provide innovative designs that keep you ahead in the digital landscape. Our commitment to technology ensures your website is always on the cutting edge.

Expressive of Your Brand

Your website should be as unique as your business. We ensure our designs capture the essence of your brand, creating a digital presence that truly represents you.

Responsive and SEO-friendly

A successful website needs to be both visually appealing and technically sound. We design websites that are responsive, ensuring they look and function beautifully across all devices. Additionally, we build with SEO in mind, optimizing your site for search engines from the ground up.

AI-Chatbot Ready

In anticipation of future tech trends like AI ChatBots such as ChatGPT, we develop websites with infrastructure that enables easy data sharing with AI technologies. Your website will be ready for tomorrow, today.

Reimagine your online presence with our cutting-edge web design services. Request a consultation today, and let's shape your digital future together!

Koolay Core Design


A concise 5-page website, highlighting your brand and what you offer.


  • Provide us with your business specifics.

  • Pick your preferred design or let us recommend one.

  • Either supply your site content or let our AI craft it for you.

  • Your website will be ready in 5 business days!

Koolay Elite Design

Tailored web solutions for complex projects or revamps.


  • Tell us about your business needs.

  • Share your website structure.

  • SEO optimization fine-tuned for Google Search.

  • Work with our experienced design team.

  • Personal account manager for streamlined communication.

  • Custom design adjustments with feedback loops for design and build phases.

  • Thorough quality and security checks before going live.

Note: Custom design fees are charged one-time at the start of the project and are not included in the monthly plan payments

Koolay Website Design Transfer Package

Koolay Website Design Transfer Package offers you a seamless transition to our robust and flexible infrastructure, ideal if you're content with your current design but seeking enhanced performance and efficiency.  

* However, should the scope of work exceed initial expectations, we may charge an additional fee. This fee will be based on an hourly rate of $35.00, depending on the complexity and the time required to complete the transfer. Our expert team will conduct a comprehensive analysis and provide a detailed estimate to ensure transparency before proceeding.

What's included in this complimentary offer:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: We begin with a detailed examination of your current website design to pinpoint all components for transfer.

  • Design Transfer: Your website's design elements, including graphics, layout, and content, will be meticulously transferred to our advanced infrastructure.

  • Functionality Testing: Post-transfer, we ensure all website functionalities are operating smoothly.

  • Optimization: We optimize your website for enhanced performance and a superior user experience.

  • Final Review: Before your website goes live, we conduct a thorough review to guarantee perfection.

This package is designed to ensure your website not only transitions seamlessly but also benefits from our state-of-the-art infrastructure without an upfront cost. It's our commitment to providing you with exceptional service while keeping in mind the potential need for extensive work, which will be communicated and billed fairly, based on our agreed hourly rate.